It’s time to make planning laws fairer for communities

Monica Lennon, Labour MSP for Central Region, says it’s time communities had the same rights as developers to appeal planning decisions.

“There is a feeling that communities are being denied natural justice. How can it be right that developers can appeal decisions yet communities can’t?” says Monica who was a chartered town planner before entering politics and seeks to have her proposal included in the Scottish Government’s upcoming planning bill.

Monica campaigning against the Whitehill incinerator

Monica campaigning against the Whitehill incinerator

Expressing the need for significant planning decisions to take account of the long term public good  Monica says:

“The planning system is the framework for determining the use of buildings and land, shaping our built and natural environments for years to come.

“So it is only fair that decisions are taken in the interest of the public good and not skewed by wealthy and influential interests as so often happens.

“The Scottish planning system needs rebalanced; not only to build public trust and participation but to lock in real safeguards against overpowering developers and their army of experts and lawyers.”

Monica has actively campaigned against a planning application to build an incinerator in Whitehill which was rejected by South Lanarkshire Council but overturned on appeal by a Scottish Government appointed reporter.

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