Labour councillor protests the ‘double whammy’ of proposed closures in Burnbank

Local Labour councillor, Davie McLachlan, has spoken out against proposals to close Burnbank Library and Burnbank Family Centre.

Councillor Davie McLachlan and Burnbank Library

Local councillor Davie McLachlan is opposing the closure of Burnbank Library, pictured, and Burnbank Family Centre

SNP controlled South Lanarkshire Council is currently consulting on the possible closure of the facilities as part of a package of budget cuts. Council budgets have been stretched for years but even if more funding can be found this year, officials are forecasting an £83 million black hole over the next five years.

Davie McLachlan campaigning in Burnbank at the 2017 elections

Davie McLachlan campaigning in Burnbank at the 2017 local elections

Hamilton North and East councillor Davie McLachlan, who has represented the Burnbank area since 1995, said:

We all understand that council budgets are under pressure but the reason they are under so much pressure in Scotland today is because of the deliberate choices of the SNP government. They are imposing more austerity on councils than the Tories are imposing on them. It’s time for us all to come together and fight back.

As the local councillor for Burnbank, I want options put on the table to help retain the library.

When the case was made to close Whitehill Library the community were given the assurance that any lost services would be available only a short distance away in Burnbank. It is unacceptable to now take that service away.

I also want to protect Burnbank Family Centre. It’s a first-class facility for parents and carers who need advice and support.

The suggestion to continue with the service at Brandon Gate is bad on two counts: firstly the distance, and secondly the lack of facilities at Brandon Gate which are provided at its current purpose built location.

The choices we make in these budgets say a lot about who we are and where our priorities lie.

My priority is stopping this double whammy of closures in Burnbank and protecting frontline services for people right across South Lanarkshire. That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to join with Labour councillors in demanding a fair funding settlement for our area.

As well as the library and Family Centre in Burnbank, savings proposals also include the closure of libraries in Hillhouse, Bothwell, Halfway and Lesmahagow and the Family Centre in Cambuslang.


4th February 2021

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This is a disgrace. I understand that use of the library may not be as popular now given the electronic age but many people still depend on the library. The family centre on the other hand is a very popular facility in the area.
Many families will suffer if this were to close.

There are many other ways the Council could save money. If Councillors expenses were cut they could save a fortune. Also why do we have to pay for the lunches they get in a special dining room? Surely they can eat with everyone else on floor 14. Cut out all these perks and save the community facilities.

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