Scottish Labour adopts local member’s autism proposal

Delegates to Scottish Labour’s conference unanimously agreed to back a policy proposal from members in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse to provide support to autistic young people in their transition from school to further education.

Some of us find change harder to deal with than others and need a little extra help when going through some of life’s big transitions. Leaving school and entering further education, and possibly even leaving home, is one of the biggest changes young people have to deal with and it can be particularly challenging for many autistic people who find change difficult.

Having gone through the process with her own son Evelyn Ann Wilson, who is also the constituency party vice-chair, was all too aware of the challenges facing young autistic people leaving school which is why she submitted a resolution to Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse Labour Party that went on to gain unanimous backing at Scottish Labour’s annual conference this month.

Evelyn Ann Wilson with her son John

Evelyn Ann Wilson with her son John

The resolution, which is now Scottish Labour policy, calls for the appointment of Local Access Officers in secondary schools to work with students, schools and further education providers to identify courses and entry requirements and arrange phased introductions to local further education establishments which would help manage the change for the young person.

Although local authorities already provide support for children with additional support needs, Evelyn Ann believes the new policy would help “identify local opportunities and work in conjunction with existing provision to help with the transition”.

The resolution was introduced at conference by local member, and the constituency’s community engagement officer, Suzi Murning who was attending her first Scottish Labour conference.  Speaking afterwards Suzi commented that “it’s was great to introduce a resolution that could help so many young people at a critical time in their life and then see that resolution become Labour Party policy.”

Suzi Murning

Suzi Murning introduced the motion

Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse CLP wishes to express its thanks to Unison Scotland for seconding the motion and to all the local authority, education and voluntary sector organisations and workers that already support young people with additional support needs.


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