Politicians condemn mounting unclaimed Pension Credit figures

Local Labour politicians have condemned the Tory Government for not doing enough to make sure eligible pensioners claim the Pension Credit they are entitled to as a leading charity reveals millions goes unclaimed.

Labour politicians slam Tories on Pension Credit uptake

Labour politicians slam Tories on Pension Credit uptake

Independent Age estimates that while 3,970 households in Rutherglen and Hamilton West are receiving Pension Credit, a further 3,142 are entitled to the benefit but are not claiming it.

The average weekly payment in the constituency is £53.84.

In Lanark and Hamilton East, an estimated 3,390 households are receiving Pension Credit, while a further 2,683 are entitled to it but not making a claim.

The average payment in the area is £52.56 a week.

The figures show that more than £8.7 million a year is going unclaimed in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, and almost £7.3 million in Lanark and Hamilton East.

Across Scotland more than £300 million is unclaimed by 123,000 households.

Ged Killen MP

Ged Killen, MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, has demanded the Government does more to increase the uptake of Pension Credit.

Ged Killen, Scottish Labour MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, said:

It is shocking that over 3,000 pensioners in Rutherglen and Hamilton West are missing out on more than £8.7 million in vital support each year.

This is a benefit that has been designed to lift older people out of poverty, but in 10 years the Government hasn’t managed to increase its uptake beyond 63 per cent.

Across the UK the poorest pensioners have missed out on £7 billion of Pension Credit since the last election, which means vulnerable people are being left without much-needed income.

The Tories must right this wrong immediately and do more to increase take-up of Pension Credit.


Andrew Hilland

Andrew Hilland, Labour’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East, says Pension Credit can help help transform the lives of older people.

Andrew Hilland, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East said:

The last Labour Government cut pensioner poverty, but the Tories have disgracefully allowed it to go up on their watch.

It is shocking that Lanark and Hamilton East’s poorest pensioners are missing out on more than £7 million in vital support.

Pension Credit can transform the lives of the poorest older people, enabling them to live with dignity and independence. 

It can make the weekly shop affordable, help pay essential bills or enable people to take part in social activities, reducing the risk of loneliness and poor mental and physical health.

Almost 2 million people aged 65 and over are living in poverty in the UK. If the Tory Government is serious about changing this shameful statistic, it must make sure the Pension Credit reaches everyone who needs it.


Monica Lennon MSP

Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour MSP for Central Scotland, slams the Tories for the rise in pension poverty and says that Labour will keep fighting for older people.

Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour Central Scotland MSP, said:

Older people across Lanarkshire are missing out on money they are entitled to.

Pensioner poverty has gone up under the Tories and that is a disgrace. Labour will keep fighting for dignity and fairness for older people.


You can find out more about eligibility for Pension Credit, and how to claim it, at https://www.gov.uk/pension-credit


03 July 2019

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