Labour’s plan to scrap Universal Credit will benefit almost 11,000 households in Lanark and Hamilton East

Universal Credit’s botched roll-out, compounded by Tory social security cuts, has left families unable to pay bills and at the mercy of pay-day lenders.

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Labour plans to scrap Universal Credit, which is causing misery for thousands

Statistics obtained by Labour from the House of Commons Library show that there are 4,011 households in Lanark and Hamilton East already enrolled in Universal Credit.

There are also 6,810 households still receiving the “legacy” benefits, which Universal Credit is replacing.

In total 10,821 households in Lanark and Hamilton East would be placed on Universal Credit under Tory plans.

In government, Labour will abolish Universal Credit and immediately introduce a package of emergency measures to end its worst aspects, including the five week wait for an initial payment, the benefit cap, the two child limit – commonly referred to as “the rape clause” – and the punitive sanctions regime.

Andrew Hilland

Andrew Hilland is Labour’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East

Andrew Hilland, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East, said:

Labour is the only party that can and will scrap Universal Credit.

This will benefit almost 11,000 households in Lanark and Hamilton East, many of which have been forced into in-work poverty by the Tories.

In the fifth richest country in the world, no one should have to rely on food banks and payday lenders to feed their families.

A Labour Government will replace Universal Credit with a fair and compassionate welfare system, which will support people in finding work and treat them with dignity and respect.


29 October 2019

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