Labour will save free TV licences for almost 5,000 local households

The next UK Labour government will save free TV licences for almost 5,000 households in Lanark and Hamilton East that are set to lose it from next year.

Andrew Hilland and Betty Dunlop

Andrew Hilland pictured with Betty Dunlop of Lanark

Free TV licenses for the over 75s were introduced by the last Labour government in 1999, with the government funding the cost of the scheme.

However, the Tories have now pulled the plug on the funding, leaving the BBC to pick up the pieces meaning that from next year only those on pension credit and over 75 will qualify for a free TV licence.

Analysis by the House of Commons Library shows 240,010 households in Scotland, including 4,930 households in Lanark and Hamilton East, are set to lose their licence thanks to the Tories.

Labour has announced that it will reverse the cut, and this week Labour’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East in the forthcoming general election, Andrew Hilland, met with Lanark couple Betty and David Dunlop, who are set to benefit from the policy.

Andrew Hilland, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East, said:

Betty is disabled with restricted mobility, and David has dementia. Yet they are one of the 4,930 households in this constituency that will lose their free TV licence under the Tories.

Many older people, especially if they are disabled or dealing with ill health, can easily become isolated and rely on the TV for company. The cost of a TV licence at £154.50 can mean having to choose between heating, food or a TV licence.

The Labour Party introduced the free TV licence and, if elected on 12 December, will save it for the 250,000 Scots set to lose out.


18th November 2019

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