Girl Guides back Period Poverty Campaign

Monica Lennon’s campaign to end period poverty in Scotland has received another boost as Girlguiding Scotland join the campaign and will prove free sanitary products at local meetings.

With more than 60,000 members throughout Scotland and “a mission to inspire and empower girls to be the best they can be” the charity adds a powerful voice to the growing demands to provide a universal right to access free sanitary products.

Monica Lennon and Katie Horsburgh

Monica Lennon and Katie Horsburgh

Labour MSP Monica Lennon, who recently launched a consultation on her Member’s Bill to end period poverty, said “I’m delighted to see Girlguiding Scotland joining the campaign to end period poverty and ensure no-one misses out on opportunities at work, school or after school because they can’t afford basic sanitary products.

“By making supplies available at unit meetings, collecting toiletries for their communities and talking positively about periods, they’re helping to tackle the stigma and end period poverty for good.”

Girlguiding Advocate Katie Horsburgh said “Sanitary products aren’t a luxury – they’re an essential product and no-one should miss out on opportunities, face isolation or embarrassment simply because they can’t afford them.

“Sanitary products aren’t a luxury – they’re an essential product”

Katie Horsburgh

“I’m proud Girlguiding Scotland members are speaking out and taking action to tackle the stigma around this important issue and make sure no-one is held back by period poverty.”

The Scottish government recently launched a pilot scheme in Aberdeen to provide free sanitary products to woman and girls on low incomes through food banks but Monica Lennon’s proposals go further and would place a duty on certain organisations, such as schools and colleges, to provide free sanitary products. 

Monica’s bill also proposes to place a duty on Scottish Ministers to introduce a universal system of free provision of sanitary products and provide them with the right to extend the measures to other bodies if necessary and will “create a universal right of access to free sanitary products for everyone in Scotland.”

Ending Period Ooverty cover

The campaign has received considerable support and Dr Marsha Scott, chief executive of Scottish Woman’s aid, said “Hurrah that women across politics have taken up this cause, and Scottish Women’s Aid especially welcomes Monica Lennon’s activism and member’s bill on period poverty.

“Scottish Women’s Aid especially welcomes Monica Lennon’s activism and member’s bill on period poverty.”

Dr Marsha Scott

“Let’s change this archaic form of discrimination and make access to necessities readily and affordably available for all women.”

A spokeswoman from Engender also added “women and girls in Scotland should not be prevented from participating in public life because of their periods, but we’re not surprised that people are finding the costs of sanitary protection prohibitive.

“Menstruation is painful, inconvenient, expensive, and still remains hugely stigmatised in society. Any move to challenge this is welcome, and we’re really pleased to see Monica Lennon continuing to take the lead on pushing to break down barriers to women’s equality.”

You can participate in the consultation until 8th December 2017 here.

If you want to read the full proposal you can find it here.



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