Monica Lennon: end stigma of drug and alcohol misuse

Central Scotland Labour MSP Monica Lennon today made an emotional plea to remove the stigma of those suffering from drug and alcohol misuse.

Monica asked First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for the Scottish Government’s response to the reported significant increase in deaths related to drug and alcohol misuse in the last year. The First Minister replied that the result was driven by an ageing population of drug users and the longer term effects of Tory austerity from the 1980s.

Monica Lennon at First Minister's Questions

Monica Lennon at First Minister’s Questions

In her follow-up question Monica highlighted the problems caused by the stigma that surrounded drug and alcohol misuse which often prevented those in need seeking help until it was too late.

“Recovery and support services can’t help people if they feel too ashamed to access them. Too often families only break their silence about drug and alcohol harm after they have buried their loved ones.”


Monica highlighted 2016’s ten year peak which saw 2,132 deaths from drug and alcohol misuse and recounted her own experience of losing her father to alcohol harm two years ago as she made an emotional plea to the First Minister in joining her to send a “message to everyone in Scotland affected by drug and alcohol harm that they matter, they are not to blame and that they are deserving support”.

Monica’s  courage in speaking up about such a personally emotive issue was welcomed by charities and campaigners.



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