Andrew Hilland says shutting down parliament shows Brexit was always a right-wing power grab

Andrew Hilland, Labour’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East, has issued a statement condemning Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

Andrew Hilland

Andrew Hilland is the Scottish Labour candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down Parliament Labour’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East, Andrew Hilland, said:

The right wing elites behind the Brexit campaign told the British people they should vote Leave to “take back control.”

It turns out they were only ever interested in accumulating more power for themselves.

Boris Johnson’s plans to suspend parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit run counter to almost every basic principle of our constitutional democracy – from the idea that parliament is sovereign, to the doctrine that we should be governed by the rule of law, rather than the rule of men.

With this news, there is less time to stop No Deal.

That means we may need a general election to avert the economic catastrophe of leaving the EU without any arrangements for getting food, medicines and goods into our country.

In that election, people in Lanark and Hamilton East can make the difference and only a vote for Labour can guarantee a Labour Government and not letting Boris Johnson back into Downing Street.


Andrew Hilland is the Scottish Labour candidate for the UK parliamentary constituency of Lanark and Hamilton East at the next General Election.

Andrew – who came within 360 votes of winning the seat for Labour in last year’s general election – was born and raised in Lanark, and hails from a proud Labour family: his uncle, grandmother and great-grandfather all represented the party in Lanarkshire.

In 2004, Andrew became the first person from his local state school to attend Oxford University. On graduating, he entered into a career as a lawyer and human rights activist.

His work has taken him from Louisiana, where he helped represent prisoners on death row, to the United Nations, for whom he wrote a report on what needs to be done in the 21st Century to fulfil the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Most recently, Andrew has been working on a project aimed at ending violence against children in war zones.

You can follow Andrew’s campaign on Facebook and Twitter


You can also show your opposition to Boris Johnson’s actions by signing the petition not to shutdown Parliament.


August 29th 2019

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