Andrew Hilland bids to win Lanark & Hamilton East for Labour

Andrew Hilland is the Labour Party’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East at the general election on 12 December. 

Andrew Hilland campaigning

Andrew Hilland campaigning

Born and raised in Lanark, Andrew hails from a proud Labour family: his uncle, grandmother and great-grandfather all represented the party in Lanarkshire.

In 2004, Andrew became the first person from his local state school to attend Oxford University. On graduating, he entered into a career as a lawyer and human rights activist.

His work has taken him from Louisiana, where he helped represent prisoners on death row, to the United Nations, for whom he wrote a report on what needs to be done in the 21st Century to fulfil the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Most recently, Andrew directed an inquiry aimed at enhancing the protection of children in war zones. 

Andrew Hilland with supporters including Gordon Brown

Andrew was recently pictured with supporters, including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Andrew was Labour’s candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East in 2017, when he came within 360 votes of winning.

Public Meeting to save McWhirter House

Andrew campaigned against care home closures

Since he was re-selected as Labour’s candidate in 2018, Andrew has been busy campaigning against the loss of council-run residential care in Larkhall and speaking out on issues such as Universal Credit sanctions, the loss of free TV licenses for the over 75’s and the Tories’ appalling record ensuring all those eligible for Pension Credit actually receive it. 

Speaking ahead of the election, Andrew said:

Our communities are suffering from almost a decade of Tory austerity and SNP cuts, as care homes are closed, bus routes withdrawn, town centres fall into disrepair and one in four children grow up in poverty.

At the last general election in 2017, I came within 360 votes of winning this seat for Labour. At this election, voters have a straight choice: between a Tory government that will impose more cuts, and a Labour government that will introduce a £10 Minimum Wage, scrap Universal Credit and invest £100 billion in Scotland’s public services and economy. 

A vote for any other party risks Boris Johnson getting back into Downing Street through the back door.

In Lanark and Hamilton East, the only way to secure a Labour government is to vote Labour.

For updates on Andrew’s campaign, please follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


27 November 2019

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